Olivet University e-Library

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Ralph D Winter e-Library:


How can I create an account on this library system?

The library located at http://library.rdwl.org is offered as an educational tool for students of Olivet University. Several of the collections are paid for on behalf of the Olivet students, so we cannot offer an open registration policy. However, if you are representing a Christian institute or organization that would like to provide access for your members, you can contact us - we have designed our system to be expandable. We can offer our free content to your organization, and licensed content can be discussed further.


Why are there different usage rules for different collections?

Although we work primarily with Christian organizations, their missions and goals can be quite varied. Some Christian organizations exist to provide Christian resources for other Christians, and they tend to be more generous with their content usage rights. Some Christian organizations actually publish content to generate revenue so that they can finance their other organizational goals. We push to have content available to our library users as freely as possible, but we definitely respect the rules that the publishers give to us.