Olivet University e-Library

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Welcome to Olivet University e-Library

The Ralph D Winter Library Project is supported by Olivet University. It is a Christian e-Library platform that is used for our school and can be offered to other Christian organizations as well. The platform is developed and maintained by the Olivet University Department of R&D, and it can be customized fully for an organization's purposes. Style, naming, url, content, and user lists can all be configured through a special librarian backend.

The Ralph D Winter Library offers a huge amount of content, including specially licensed collections from the CCEL, TREN, and EBSCO. Whether Christian content is free or licensed, we want to get the best of the best digital content and make it available to our students via an integrated search. Additional value is provided by our system's ability to integrate with an institution's existing OPAC, helping bring library departments closer to the goal of all-in-one comprehensive search.